set me free… casting crowns

it hasn’t always been this way
i remember brighter days
before the dark ones came
stole my mind
wrapped my soul in chains

now i live among the dead
fighting voices in my head
hoping someone hears me crying in the night
and carries me away

set me free of the chains holding me
is anybody out there hearing me?
set me free

morning breaks another day
finds me crying in the rain
all alone with my demons i am
who is this man that comes my way?
the dark ones shriek
they scream his name
is this the one they say will set the captives free?
jesus, rescue me

as the god man passes by
he looks straight through my eyes
and darkness cannot hide

do you want to be free?
lift your chains
i hold the key
all power on heav’n and earth belong to me

you are free
you are free
you are free


  1. :( no more xanga?…

    Crystal you are beautiful and wonderful anyone tell you that lately? Your friendship is a blessing.

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