a year in review

January 2006
random vacation to St. Louis for New Year’s 2006
my dear friend Brandon died of cancer just 3 days later and is truly missed
went to the young republicans “ball”
went to colorado

February 2006
new life entered the world through the birth of my nephew, Jackson

March 2006
made the move from xanga to typepad and affectionately started referring to myself as pinkhairedgirl
finally saw Cirque Du Soleil when it came through Kansas City
a freak March thunderstorm allowed me to see an actual tornado form in my own backyard – but it never landed.
Anne Jackson left me for another megachurch in texas
booked a flight to Dallas to visit Anne (yes before she moved)

April 2006
my parents went to australia – i had the house to myself for 2 weeks… glorious!
discovered Invisible Children and i haven’t been the same since
cadbury creme eggs – enough said

May 2006
visit Anne and Chris in Dallas
got my first tattoo (yes first – i am getting another)

June 2006
revamped my bathroom
we moved to our new church building
moved from typepad to wordpress… yes another blog move
had one hilariously weird dream – i totally forgot about this!!!

July 2006
camp surge
got a new boss

August 2006
camp continued
read captivating
my friend’s dad ran for ks governor in the primary. didn’t win. bummer. next time!!!!!

September 2006
Light the Night Walk for Brandon and other cancer victims and survivors
went on a cruise with jennifer – first real vacation ever!!!
auditioned and made the worship team!

October 2006
saw 4 woodpecker birds
went on strike from blogging because of ragamuffin
first ever video blog

got my macbook pro!!!!
wore fake eyelashes to work

November 2006
got fired up about voting
admitted i am an internet addict
turned 22 years old
anne came up to visit for thanksgiving
adopted a family for christmas (raised over $1000 – WOW!!!)

December 2006
made the incredible out of my comfort zone decision to go to AFRICA!!!
performed in a Charlie Brown Christmas skit
freaking out about raising the $$$$ for Africa
partying it up 2007 style for the new year!!!!

I’m exhausted.

check back monday for new year’s post of my resolutions… goals… etc.


  1. Yes, I love that I spent last New Years with you… I laughed when I remembered. Man, this year has flown!! So when you coming to LA to visit?

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