NO santa. NO easter bunny. NO God?

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i am pinkhairedgirl and i DO NOT deny the existance of the Holy Spirit.

i remember a time when i didn’t believe in God. i remember saying, “surely God isn’t real. absolutely not.” when i think back to those days it terrifies me. think about it. in not so many words, i had denied Him. denied my Maker. denied my Father. committed the greatest sin…


it wasn’t until after hearing the true Gospel for the first time some 6 years ago – that all of that became so very clear. of course my daily walk as a Christian isn’t easy. and it isn’t the easiest among “religions” to believe in but compared to the alternative – for me, there’s no other option. living a life without BELIEVING there is something Greater than me is such an empty and lost reality. the unbelief in unconditional Love. the unbelief in Heaven. to live without the belief in my Mighty Creator is something i never want to fully experience again.

well there is one site out there dedicated to denying the very existance of the One Holy God and in doing so – bringing many down with them. how much is your soul worth? apparently the cost of a DVD at $24.98 and a few minutes on the Internet.

from “It’s simple. You record a short message damning yourself to Hell, you upload it to YouTube, and then the Rational Response Squad will send you a free The God Who Wasn’t There DVD. It’s that easy.”

It’s that easy?

why do i… as a Christian… post about such a thing? well it is definitely not my intent to positively promote this site but to condemn it. to educate the vulnerable. their target according to the site is young people. “As young people are the most vulnerable to religious indoctrination, we feel it is important to reach them with the concept of challenging the doctrine they are told to unquestioningly believe” and it my mission to NOT let the vulnerable of the world be taken advantage of.


  1. chris and i talked about this and yes, as it is sad…it is also silly. they are forming their own “organized religion” by doing this, ironically enough. and going on youtube isn’t going to condemn anyone to hell. either their heart is right with god or not.

    what we should be doing is not going up against them, and nor should we tolerate them either…but all this whole thing is going to do is get a bunch of christians upset and most of them (not all christians) will just prove them right – we will just preach our religion and doctrine at them.

    instead, we should let them know Him by our love. the end.

  2. yes, perhaps it does prove them right but i am not sorry for preaching the dotrine of my religion… because it is truth. we are commanded by God to do so. being silent isn’t helping anyone know anything about Anyone.

    and no, the point isn’t that YouTube condemns people to hell. it could be yahoo video, google video, whatever… the internet video phenominon is merely a tool. and of course it comes down to the condition of heart. it is their heart. it has got to be .. for someone to take the time to record themselves… to go as far as to SAY they deny Christ, Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit and then taking the time to upload it so they can be a part of this “movement” – it has to be their heart.

    a monumental brainwashing of a generation of young people. young people hungry to belong to something. to matter. to be a part of something bigger. that’s a HUGE draw. and you’re right they are just making their own organized non-religion.

    yeah i totally get your thoughts on this but to me – this isn’t silly at all. i think it is dangerous.

  3. and whether the whole thing started out as a joke (which perhaps it is a joke that went array…) there are people doing it who are taking it quite literal. to those people… and to God… to people actually using this as their platform… it isn’t silly.

  4. I have to say that I agree with both of you. I truly believe we have at time “preached” an untrue God to people. We have preached a religion that is often seen as having a more superior moral code. But the truth of Christ must be communicated, through love indeed, but also actions and words.

    I believe we must evaluate our techniques and find the most effective way to build God’s Kingdom and proclaim his truth. The key word being effective! For me, it is through relationship. I have to earn my right to speak into someone’s life, if I don’t have that right, then I show them with love. (Sorry for the run on sentence!)

    The video breaks my heart though! Expand our circle of influence Lord!

  5. maybe it is just this “movement” of people that is causing people to be more aware but my heart, as i am sure yours, as i am sure god’s, already hurt long before this started.

    i used to be a christian too. until i became a follower of christ.

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