my “yea God” week

i’m not surprised but have just gotta say dude, God is AWESOME! He made Himself so completely known to me this week with all of the Greatness He’s bestowed upon me. i just used the word bestowed – you have gotta KNOW that God has been working. yes, this is post completely bragging about how Great my God is to me. but really… it is a week wrap-up. I just happened to have had a frickin’ fantastic week.
1. You all know I’m going on a mission to Africa in March – I say it all the time… hehe. Because I am not going as staff but as a participant, I need to be raising about $3000 for it. It had seemed like I had exhausted my resources in effort to do so with just very little return (some but not much) and the last couple weeks have just been discouraging to my heart… going weeks with no word from anyone. Went to the Father and asked, “Dude, are You sure You’re sending me, my pockets are empty and I am weary “… well God is awesome and has answered my cry. Then i was reminded of my New Year’s theme, “trust without fear, walk without pride”. I have had to be broken and surrender my discouragement and have FAITH. Well… here’s the yea God part, over just the last few days I’ve received a total of $530 in financial support for my mission to Africa. “cricket cricket” … There are not even words to describe how amazing this is. I am SO overwhelmed with God’s love. When speaking to one of my supporters on the phone I couldn’t even keep myself composed. I was crying. Thankful. Overwhelmed. Yea GOD!!! Another supporter confided in me that he/she doesn’t tithe but that they wanted to give toward the mission…. dang… that’s awesome.

(I am still about $2000 short from the total due but adding in what my mom has committed I have enough for my deposit next week… hot dang!! it’s amazing. God is SO good)

2. Worship team auditions were once again held. Yes, even if we are already on team, we all have to re-audition. In some ways I HATE this but in other ways, I totally get it. It evens the playing ground, so to speak. Well, for once I didn’t pick a safe song. I would generally pick a safe song, go up there, sing pretty, and go back to my seat, but not this time. God laid on my heart a song that I used to LOVE and reminded me of my dear old friend, Grant Mong (my very first youth pastor from when I was 15). CLICK HERE to listen to the original recording by Watermark. Although I flubbed a few of the words – I felt like I sang exactly what I was supposed to sing and in a way, dedicated it to a man who invested in my life unlike anyone ever has. I felt SO on. I felt like I did the trio ensemble well too. Well enough to be asked back… YIPPEE!!!!!!!

3. In a time when I’ve felt quite mediocre about my design abilities, God has brought folks out of the woodwork to encourage me this week. through being offered 2 different freelance design jobs – just this week alone. Both of which are completely NEW for me. City-wide mailings for the more secular market (a dental office & a photography studio). More info on these when I finish them. One of these 2 clients may want to use me for all of their on-going promotion.

4. I’ve found my tears. You may not think that is a “Yea God!” but it totally is. I am finally emotional again. Not emotional in a PMS or grieving way (that never left)… but emotional in a worshipping God, a TV show (the 1/11 episode of Grey’s), or a positive news report can bring me to streaming tears kind of way. When I was first saved some 6 years ago – I was this way – and my mom is this way. And I’ve missed having these strong emotions.

5. God has broken my personal temptation and brought into my life incredible new accountability… and continues to use the faithful in my life.

6. Gettin’ healthy in 2007 has begun. I have returned to doing Pilates on Tuesday/Thursday and have even invited some staff ladies to join me. We’re going to start doing that together some time in the next few weeks. Signed up for Weight-Watchers online. This is the year of change and restoration. Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and above all, Spiritually.

God doing something in your life?

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  1. That is amazing!! I know we don’t even know each other, but I am amazed at how God can use so many different people in completely different walks to spur each other on in their walk with Christ! This post encouraged me and I found myself feeling so excited for what God is doing in your life…and I don’t even know you. So thanks for living your life with all of us, it has a further reach than you will ever know!

  2. Um, okay. Yeah. That song is amazing. You nailed it. I love your voice. You are an amazing leader of worship. I am honored that you let us hear it. I also know that it was hard to post all of that. Yay you for being strong. I am so way proud of you and know that God is so…yay. I love that we are friends. Thank you for…well, you know.

  3. skyler – it’s amazing how blogs start out – just random. i hope that it can evolve into a tool for open conversation about real issues… as a ministry tool… and a fun place to be real with each other. i am glad that you were encouraged.

    thank you kristi, but just to clarify – that’s not me singing in that link. it is just the song i sang. i don’t want others to think that’s me – because i don’t sound THAT good.

  4. Oh. how funny is that? I was thinking wow…their sound system is rockin too. I love it. No wonder I didn’t hear the “blurp”. hahahahahahah.

  5. Yea God!
    When I was doing fundraising to go to Mexico a few years back I started getting anxious about the $$ and in the space of two days it all came in plus extra. I was giddy. And completely blown away by God’s provision.

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