PLEASE READ: volunteer your photography

I have a HUGE ask of you. Some of the volunteers I was using here at our church – have either backed out or are unable to do the project after all. Lucky for me that gave me NO notice… whew ok. So, now I am asking you – the talented and giving community of

I need photography.

Below you will see photos of different variety, but they are all similar in nature. They show life-change, raw emotions, individuality. These are the kinds of imagery we are desiring for the Come Together (ONE LIFE) project. Our deadline is February 11 (TODAY) in order to have time to print them before the church campaign launch on February 18. See, now that doesn’t give you much time, does it?

I know that is not much time for you all. I am assuming that a lot of you already have pictures you’ve taken that are similar to these since most of you are professional-level photographers.

So here’s how it breaks down:

1. High-Res. Digital Photography
2. Faces of Individual People (none too recognizable… ie. celebrities or Westside staff, etc.)
3. Nothing too abstract.

a) What we would need are High Resolution photos for large print…. our preference is that you send us the pictures in color (either by email or bring by a disk) and let us adjust them to B&W ourselves. The B&W tones we are using have more of a yellow tint… than grey/blue.
If you ANY of any of the above variety please let me know. You can email me at [email protected] (and also send photography to that email).


Samples we like:





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  2. Happiness

    Have you tried Lynn Hanson? She’s probably got a pretty good stockpile of photos.

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