randoms facts about crystal

when i was in 3rd grade, i wrote a paper about JFK that was 10 pages, hand-written… cursive. i got an A.

up until about age 16, i wanted to go to college for Meteorology. too much math & science though.

i am a certified storm spotter with the national weather service.

i didn’t know i was a graphic designer/communication guru until i was asked to make a brochure. then it just evolved.

i was the youngest to ever be hired fulltime at my present employment. i was 19.

i got a 113% on my high school senior paper.

i am still waiting for my first date.

i almost failed my math class senior year. which would have resulted in going to summer school after graduation. but i passed with a D for the semester. thank God for extra credit.

i’ve never broken a bone.

i put too much emphasis on what i post about.

my 2 brothers idea of babysitting me when we were younger… was stuffing me in-between their bed mattress, sitting on me and playing nintendo.

i still sing in my bedroom in front of the mirror with a hairbrush.

high school included, the only book i have ever read cover to cover was “A Walk to Remember”… in high school i used cliff’s notes for everything and now i listen to audio books.

i laugh at my own jokes. actually, i crack myself up.

in 2004 i cut off 10 inches of my hair.


  1. Very good. I especially like the babysitting you endurred and the math issues. My daughter is hanging on to 5th grade math by a thred :-(

    Your a neat girl with wonderful gifts.

  2. My uncle is an official storm spotter in the Wichita area!

    Thanks for the pictures. I love Kansas fronts. We’re having crazy weather in Chicago too. Thunderboomers early this morning. They woke me up and in my sleepy haze I was thinking “this isn’t supposed to be happening…”