Grant Richard–Last Round

Vote for Grant! Yep, I am using my blog and the power of the internet for whatever I want… AGAIN. My buddy and co-worker, “Grant Richard”, has a very unique opportunity. I am just helping him get the word out. The last Kansas City round is on now.

VOTE HERE: and if you really like him, go to iTunes music store and buy his album.

ABOUT CONTEST from Grant:“I have a unique opportunity to have one of my songs featured on a commercial for the Chevy Cobalt. It’s a battle of the bands, and there are 2 Kansas City bands left. We’re in the final round now. Please please please go and vote for me, (if you think my music is best suited for Chevrolet of course (: ). Once the winners from each city are determined (there are 4 cities total), they go on to another round of voting for the nationals. Once that round is over, the winner is selected. Thanks everybody! –Grant”


  1. i am tired.

    but i am driving a chevy cobalt rental

    it is the worst car ever…save yourself grant!!!!!

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