An Album Review & Easter too

I’ve never done this before, but I guess there is a first time for everything.

Inspired by the music during our Easter services at Westside, I now want to do an album review. Being that I sang during all 7 services held at our main campus, I grew quite familar.

Steve Fee – Burn for You


For me Steve Fee is a new even though I guess he’s been around Passion for a while and now does a lot with Student Life. Anyway, we did two songs off of his sophomore album, “Burn for You” for our Easter services. Blew me away. And were so fun to sing for our church.

1) All Because of Jesus – which was our “EASTER” song. Our opener. Buy this album if for no other reason than this song. All Because of Jesus. It an awesome opener to any worship set. Gets the crowd pumped and excited! And as one reviewer has said: “A jubilant verse, chorus, and bridge exalting Jesus as our creator, sustainer, ruler and redeemer.” What could be better?

2) Beautiful the Blood, a presentation song. A meditation on the meaning of the death of Christ for our sins. “How beautiful the blood flow, how merciful the love shown, the King of Glory poured out, victorious are we now.” The wording is a little odd to my ears at times, but it doesn’t take away from the song’s effectiveness. We used this song with some pretty powerful media graphics that really brought the song to life. Not to mention our worship team is frickin’ amazing.

Go buy it. Use these songs in your church. Play this in your car. iPod. Whatever. Seriously, true talent in an easy to carry anywhere package.

Stars: 4.5 out of 5 only because he’s not the strongest vocalist.

for those who might care:

Westside’s Easter Stats:
13 services spread over 3 area campuses

  • Lenexa Campus: 7,429 people
  • Speedway Campus: 895 people
  • Overland Park Campus: 518 people
    (overland park opened April 1)

Total: 8,842 people

What a privilege and responsibility to share our hope with so many!


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