writer’s block

having my own writer’s block, i am taking from the example of anne and am giving you an opportunity to ask me anything. she is always one step ahead of me on what to write about. she’s a tough one to “compete” with. too bad we’re friends. haha.

go ahead. anything you’re dying to know? ask anything, really. i will answer your questions in the comments section. don’t be shy.


  1. meat lap is disorder in which a person, while eating a mexican dish, has ground beef fall in their lap. they exclaim with great horror, “i have meat lap”. this may or may not have happened to someone quite close to you.

  2. Rick- well it’s interesting you ask. after my appointment on saturday my stylist asked me what’s next. we’re going to try a purple. :)

  3. How do you politely tell someone that their website stinks? Let me put it in context. There are several local businesses (Google Lockney High School) who have poor taste in web design. I want to know how to approach them and offer to redo their site. How would you handle it?

  4. Kevin- I’ve actually done this. If you have a relationship with this organziaion it might come across a bit nicer, but either way, it will either slightly offend or you will actually save their life. Write a up proposal. What I have said in the past is something like this, “Although you’re site is serving it’s purpose and it’s great that you have one, I truly believe you would utlize it’s effectiveness by having a design with better functionality and appeal. In the long run, making your site an enjoyable experience and helpful resource for your consumers. I am willing to make this happen.”

    Make up a few mock designs to show them that you’re legit and serious too. Make the investment worth it. It comes down to this: if they were willing to hire someone design that poorly, then they definitely would be up for having someone with skill take over.

  5. what is considered “too loud” when responding to said “meat lap” and would there be any external circumstances which would encourage such a reaction?

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