my dirty little secret…

the other night i went to a grocery store i don’t typically go to here in town (a Hen House) and well i was super-craving a french silk pie. just so happens they sell Tippin’s pies. Tippin’s is a restaurant and pie pantry that went out of business in 2004 but still sells to these particular grocery stores (for whatever reason). God is good because this is best pie ever. i bought a mini one that serves probably 4 people.

it isn’t typical of me to gorge myself but when i got home, i ate the whole thing. good thing this store is clear across town from me.

go ahead, confess yourself. what’s your dirty little secret?


  1. Cara

    Beef lil’ smokies and Jack Daniel’s BBQ sauce. Soooo yummy, yet completely not good for you.

  2. glad your comments are working again.
    it might be cool to reverse the text out…it should be somewhere in your css file, comment font color and make it white?

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