Fight Mad Church Disease

My dear friend, Anne Jackson is the beginning stages of writing a book. Yes, a book with the working title of Mad Church Disease. Intriguing, huh?

Mad Church Disease will discuss the epidemic of ministry burnout in today’s contemporary church. Currently, anonymous surveys are being conducted at for those who are on any church staff, those who are family of church staff and those who are volunteers in ministry. By analyzing these surveys, as well as conducting interviews with pastors, families and volunteers world-wide, Anne hopes to bring this touchy subject to light using real-life stories of not only tragedy, but redemption and healing for those who have been affected by this disease.

I wouldn’t be telling you this if I wasn’t 100% in support and passionate about this project. Having personally walked with Anne for several years in ministry and some of those, her hardest times, I couldn’t be more proud and excited to see her follow through on the dream of writing this book. A book that will no doubt inspire men and women currently serving in ministry, considering ministry and who have never even stepped foot in the church. God has definitely used Anne and her experiences in my life. I’ve seen the fall-out. I’ve seen the burn-out. I’ve experienced for myself. I know the magnitude of impact this book carries. I look forward to seeing how God uses this book and Anne’s story to impact the lives of many.


How can you help fight Mad Church Disease?

1. Take a survey here.

2. Email all your friends, your staff, your small group and the people you volunteer with to encourage them to take a survey as well.

3. Fight by helping spread the cure! Post a link to the surveys on your blog, myspace or any form of virtual communication of your choosing. You can find graphics with code, etc. here.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you will take one or two steps further by participating in the surveys and directing other people like you to

If you have any questions at all please let me know.

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