jury duty… update

i have been summoned to Jury Duty here in my county. i have to appear on Monday, July 16. typically i would be all about it because i love government, politics and all around being an american, but it is really bad timing. i am praying it’s a one-dayer because anything more than that will put a huge dent in my work plans. i have to work a week of student ministry camp beginning Thursday, but there’s a lot of prep and not to mention my own normal work to do beforehand. ahhh!
so if you could… pray it’s a one day jury or that i am dismissed because even though i want to do it, the timing of it is adding a lot of additional stress.

insert a big sigh and pout here.

anyone have jury duty experience/advice?

ps. i will document as much as i can…


  1. jennifer

    one time i had to do jury duty and i said something completely embarassing, i still can’t believe i said it. another juror said you must be a nervous person ? and i said no i’m just nervous. so stupid.

  2. Happiness

    I have ALWAYS wanted to serve on a jury. Alas, I’ve never been summoned and can give no advice. Sorry about the stinky timing. I’ll pray.

  3. Praying for you. And thanks for the comment. Thanks for a wonderful time last night. I love you!

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