going CAMPing (sorta)

I am just writing to say I will not be posting or be around much this week as I will be working at Camp SURGE.I love camp.I love camp for many reasons. Summer 2000 was my first “church camp” experience when I went with Westside to Super Summer (a pretty lame southern baptist camp for students). Although when I look back it was in fact pretty dull, but it was there that I first accepted the gift of eternal life in Christ Jesus (I grew up Catholic so my view on all of that was somewhat altered).

7 years later, we are putting on our 4th year of Camp SURGE (the camp created and put on by the youth ministry of Westside). Once again, I am overseeing all things media.

Please be praying for the 360 students, volunteers and staff from July 19-July 23. I will update as the inconsistent internet access allows.

Alright then… What was your best/worst camp experience?


  1. jennifer

    i went to camp one time when i was a kid i called my mom’s friend Lavona to come pick me up after 2 days , because i hated it. Camp is not my thing.

  2. Terri

    I think the worst camp experience was when I was a cabin leader and we had a tornado warning and having to go in the Shower stalls for a hour or so. That had to be my worst camp experience.

    The best camp experience being a cabin leader and hanging out with the students and seeing them make decisions to follow Christ for the first time and of course, going to camp for the first time and becoming sure of my salvation…

  3. Dang it! I am missing camp. I love camp. I love everything about camp. I wish I was at camp right now. I miss camp. Camp rocks. Okay, best experience was in 7th grade I got saved at camp. Another best is that I am still in contact with the girls from some of my rooms at camp where I was a leader. Another you ask? Rocking out with J. Adams and friends at camp. And worst experience…um, yeah, having to kick kids out for doing bad, bad things at camp. Yeah…that girl was in my room. Dang it…that must be why I am no longer a leader at my favorite place…CAMP!

  4. My best was as a freshman in HS. I did not know too many people and it was a huge fresh start for me both in relationships and in my spiritual walk. Hume Lake was the camp.

    The worst was when I was 19 and a counselor at a Jr Hi winter camp gone bad. The youth pastor had an accident, was rushed to the hospital. I was the only guy leader left and things went amuck! My youth ministry career was cut very short, indeed!

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