my favorites

today marks the beginning of a blog series entitled: my favorites

if you’re thinking, “she’s never done a series before” – you are absolutely correct. and my reasons for starting one today are 3-fold.

1) when walking through a journey of healing (as i currently am), i don’t think there’s any better remedy than to think upon and surround yourself with things that bring you joy. and to invite others on the journey with you.

2) my desire is for this series to be interactive. i tell you my favorite. you tell me yours. thus, we get to know each other better.

3) and simply a way to stomp writers-block when the time comes.

i will post a “favorite” as least once a week and topics will range from books to hair color to whatever else i decide to throw in. if YOU have an idea for a “favorite” topic… please share here and i will come up with a time to post on it. really there’s nothing off limits (unless i deem it just straight-up inappropriate).

i hope you will join in on this new adventure here at


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