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fat kid = a term of endearment created by my friends and i a long time ago. used to describe someone’s gluttonous behavior and/or sinful pleasure with a particular junk food of choice by saying “ok, fat kid”. there’s something you must know about the rules of admitting a “fat kid sinful pleasure” – there’s no judging allowed. by admitting a fat kid sinful pleasure, you’re also admitting that you know the repercussions. :)

my favorite fat sinful pleasure: breakfast at mcdonald’s

there’s no need to point out certain “super-size me” facts and figures. by doing that, you’d be breaking the rule of “no judging”. i am full aware that this is totally and completely disgusting and i don’t care. in a perfect world, i would have this every morning, but i know that would give me a heart attack. my menu items of choice would be the #4 Sausage Biscuit with Egg meal that comes with a hash brown and orange juice. i always opt for the diet coke instead of orange juice though because the diet coke has got to cancel SOMETHING out, right? :)

if you want the secret to winning my heart… you’ll find it in the morning at mcdonald’s.

what’s your fat kid sinful pleasure?

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  1. I’m definitely a big fan of fat kid breakfasts, but my favorite fat kid food is cheeseburgers, the bigger and jucier, the better. And if there can be bacon on it too, even more fat kid heaven!

  2. where are all of the men? i guess they don’t ever feel guilty about what they eat… or they’re just too chicken to tell.

  3. Oh man. I feel ya on the mcdonald’s breakfast. I LOVE the breakfast burritos. But I think my big one is a big fat hamburger from Five Guys, a greasy burger/fries joint here in NC. YUM! And when I was prego I craved mcdonald’s hamburgers, and got them quite often :)

  4. shannon

    My fav. is Miguels brc burrito, extra cheese and wet style. Large Coke. Too many carbs to count. But OH SO GOOD!!!!

  5. Lory

    I would have to go with the diet coke or starbucks…nothing better than a big cup of diet coke or a venti orange mocha frappuccino …yummy…i gotta go make a run to the local java shop..

  6. g money

    Share-O-dinz choc cusser wit heat bar, nutty butta’ a peench of express-yo self

    you know!

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