100 Things About Me

stole this idea… i saw that he posted 100 things about himself and i was like, “huh, i wonder if i can do that….” – i thought it would be a fun way of telling about myself to some of you who might not have been around long and the rest, you might learn something new. so here goes. let’s see how far i can get.

1) my middle name is “ann” – one of the most common for children of the 80s.
2) i was born in iowa
3) i’ve lived in minnesota
4) i’ve been “blogging” in some form since early 2004
5) i saw Hairspray 3 times in 3 weeks in the theatre – a million out of 5 stars by the way.
6) my hair has had a several stripes of color in it over the last 9 months that you wouldn’t generally find in nature: deep red, purple, platinum and of course, pink
7) i wear pink sugar. it gets me questions like, “who smells good?” and “is that cotton candy?” – and it’s given me the nickname of “cc”
8) in 2004, i cut 10 inches off my hair and it’s been short ever since.
9) diet cranberry limeades from sonic are my favorite
10) although i like it, coffee is not a daily requirement
11) diet coke is a daily requirement.
12) i have friends in south africa.
13) my favorite song right now is one you’ve never heard.
14) i have an abnormal sleeping pattern
15) i <3 chocolate 16) i wear mac eye make-up
17) i use marykay oil-free eye make-up remover to take it off
18) i have a passport. and i’ve used it.
19) when i started this list, it was 3:00am. please see #14.
20) i have 80 more of these to think up
21) pedicures are one of my favorite indulges.
22) i am finally meeting this guy next month.
23) i get my celebrity gossip from PEOPLE magazine.
24) Q-Tips are amazing.
25) i am on staff at Westside Family Church.
26) i do graphic designy and mostly communicationy things there.
27) this is my favorite commercial ever.
28) i am all about using the real names for body parts.
29) i own a velvet elvis. it’s on my bedroom wall.
30) when i was little i thought i was allergic to the smell of crayons.
31) i use compressed cans of air obsessively.
32) i love breakfast at mcdonald’s (#4 with diet coke)
33) this list was comprised over the span of several days
34) in elementary school i was a junior olympic-level ice skater.
35) i still hold the record of “youngest ever to be hired in a full-time position at wfc” – age 19.
36) my favorite sushi rolls are Las Vegas and Rainbow.
37) i went on a cruise to the bahamas in september of 2006.
38) i hate when people put clothes on their dogs.
39) arby’s is always my first choice.
40) i frickin’ love tippin’s french silk pie.
41) someone once said to me, “i’m glad you’re alive today” and it made me feel really important.
42) when i was 8 years old, i was the victim of an attempted child abduction.
43) throughout high school i was in the honors vocal ensemble and competed at state as a soloist.
44) i was student director of the musical my senior year.
45) my first car was a grey 1988 buick skylark.
46) i wrecked it.
47) i walked to and from school in 3 feet of snow. for reals.
48) my love languages are gifts and words of affirmation.
49) my most played song on my itunes is “Mighty to Save” from Hillsong. 66 times.
50) i love shoes.
51) my former and current worship pastors write and create amazing music. justin’s new cd is out and is very rock-driven and worshipful. troy’s soon-to-be-released cd is an intimate and unique worship experience. we do many of his songs during service. i am quite blessed by both of their mentorships.
52) i am walking in the light the night walk on september 14. donate/read more.
53) angie helped me with some the ideas for this list.
54) i don’t know why you read this blog.
55) sad truth, i had 4 different youth pastors from grades 9-12. all at the same church.
56) i LOVE getting snail mail, but i am really bad at sending it.
57) i want to become a foster parent or adopt children.
58) my biological parents are still married. this was rare growing up.
59) i have two older brothers, 26 & almost 28 years old.
60) i have two nephews, 19mo & 6 years old.
61) currently playing: east village opera company. seeing them live was extraordinary.
62) in 10th grade, i won 1st place for excellence in photography w/ editorial spread.
63) i wish i could speak french, hebrew and xhosa.
64) i’ve been to: colorado, minnesota, wisconsin, iowa, kansas, missouri, illinois, indiana, oklahoma, arkansas, tennessee, texas, florida, the bahamas, mexico and south africa.
65) i was one of those “crying girls” when i went to see the backstreet boys in high school. it was a dream come true.
66) when i was in 8th grade, i wrote Oprah requesting to meet Leonardo DiCaprio. she “wrote back” saying that she could not fulfill my request but to “stay in school….education is the key to my future” – i still have her letter in one of my scrapbooks.
67) i love my mom.
68) i was home sick the morning of September 11, 2001. i watched the 2nd tower being hit live on television.
69) one of my customers at pride cleaners (i worked there 10th-12th grade) told us he was in NY on business on 9/11 and was inside the 1st tower when it was hit. he survived and showed up his visitor badge from that day. crazy.
70) i’ve been a bridesmaid once.
71) played bass clarinet from 6th-8th grade. yes, it was bigger than me.
72) i had the biggest crush on my 8th grade computer teacher. he’s married now too.
73) i’ve been in the newspaper a few times but never on television.
74) i use a macbook pro.
75) i graduated high school in 2003.
76) i should have graduated college last may but that would have meant i went and stayed in school. which i did not.
77) i don’t have solid plans to ever earn a college degree. i hope to do something great that awards me an honorary degree in something. haha. wouldn’t that be cool?
78) i can type 100 words per minute.
79) both sets of my grandparents are still living.
80) i attended 4 elementary schools.
81) one of which was a JFK Elementary School. my older brothers convinced me that the JFK was buried in the wall that had the memorial plaque on it. i was seriously terrified for a good while to even stop foot in the school.
82) i can name all of my homeroom teachers from grade K-12: Mrs. Olsen (K), Mrs. Lyons(K), Mrs. Snyder(1), Mrs. Severe (2, yes that was her name), Mrs. Ludwig (3), Mr. Ritter (4, John Ritter was his actually name, yes for real), Mrs. Reichelt (5), Mr. Bidleman (6), Mr. Hileman (7), Mr. Ferrell (8), Mr. Boothe (9), Mrs. Deuschle (10), Mr. Velazquez (11) and Mrs. Habiger (12). that’s just crazy that i remember that.
83) my brother’s 8th grade history teacher and track coach was Mr. English and was what we call homosexual. :)
84) my middle school gym teacher was what we call a lesbian. :)
85) when i was in 9th grade i heard she had had a heart attack. i went to see her and brought her flowers. she said i was the only student to visit her in the hospital. her “life partner” was there. i felt so sorry for her and her loneliness. when i’ve seen her since, she still remembers how i went to see her.
86) the things i remember baffle the mind.
87) i grew up Catholic.
88) my dad has had a mustache for over 30 years. i’ve never seen him without it.
89) i have a tattoo on the back of my left shoulder.
90) i love over-sized coffee mugs even though i don’t drink a lot of coffee.
91) i love voting. its a privilege, not a right.
92) the months between halloween and new years are my favorite. i love to be cold and bundle up.
93) snow days frickin’ rock.
94) i never went door to door trick or treating. my mom was very anti-halloween. she’s calmed down now.
95) we didn’t grow up believing in santa claus, but we got to open presents on christmas eve when all of you other suckers had to wait. haha.
96) i haven’t balanced my checkbook in over 3 years. online banking is the best!
97) at work i am really organized and well put together, but at home i am super messy.
98) i intentionally set my alarm so i can press snooze at least 3 times.
99) i get everything i don’t want to pay full price for on ebay.
100) i never thought i would finish this thing.

did you find out anything new? did i miss anything?


  1. You did it! The question is, did YOU find out anything about yourself in this process? :-)

    Hmmm….what to comment on…here are a few things:

    22. That’s cool you get to meet Los.
    33. Took me a while, too.
    43. Woo hoo! Of all of the cool stuff I did in high school, it’s the musical honors that mean the most to me today.
    50. You’re a female. I think the two just kind of go together.
    54. You have interesting things to say.
    64. Get yourself to the PNW some time, we’ll show around up here.
    82. That’s impressive. I just now tried to think of mine, but couldn’t.
    93. Amen.
    95. What?!?!? There’s no Santa Claus???
    99. I’m currently in the market for some Oregon State homecoming tickets. Two, to be exact. That will be my nxt eBay purchase.
    100. Takes a while to put this thing together, doesn’t it? I may try a “part 2” some time if I get really bored.

    Great job on this!

  2. Kat

    Considering that I’ve not known you very long, I learned about 95 new things. Fun!

  3. 1. How come i never knew your middle name until now? I thought we were close?
    2. Me too, we must be cool.
    11. Does this mean being on a diet..or diet coke?
    13. so what exactly IS your favorite song??
    28. *twitching and gagging reflexes*
    29. YOU DO!?
    30. Oh my word….no comment.
    39. well duh.
    53. Thanks for the link!
    65. i want to make fun of you so bad.
    66. ditto
    68. I saw the 2nd tower being hit live on tv too!!
    78. that is SO FAST…are you sure??
    92-99. ME TOO!!!! WOW SO WEIRD

    Seems to me we have a lot in common. And it also seems to me that you have some rather interesting facts about you that i never knew. lol. im so glad you did this…i LOVE that ive gotten to know these things about you!! :)

  4. You are like the coolest person ever. I love you more now I think. Wow…I made your list. Woo hoo. Okay, maybe I did. Did I? Anywho, you get to meet Los and Heather? Fabulous, you didn’t tell me that. So fun. I love you. A lot.

  5. When/how are you going to get to meet Los? Are you coming to Atlanta? I was in youth group with Los at Briarlake Baptist way back in the day. We lost touch for a while but have reconnected during his transition to ATL.

    Enjoyed your 100 things!

  6. You seem like wicked fun! We should hang out! Then you could say you’ve been to Vermont too.

    Can you really type 100 wpm? Crazy!

    This was fun, i might have to steal this from you in the future ;-)

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