don’t eat at hash house

i NEVER do this, but this post is in boycott of a restaurant in the legends area called hash house a go go. a restaurant serving such enormous portions that it made me sick. not sick in that i ate too much but sick in how wasteful they are.

and when we talked to the server about how wasteful this restaurant is he had the nerve to say, “well, you’re the ones spending the money on it” – and although that’s true, we had no idea what we were about to be served. there’s no way anyone could finish a meal there. and you know that day after day after day – their dumbster is FULL of food that is wasted.

see below.

(my pancake. yes, pancake.)


(half of christen’s one-pound cheeseburger)

(this is supposed to be nicole’s chicken pot pie but looks more like a food-filled hat)

(all i could eat… i didn’t even touch the eggs or potatoes)


i know it’s cliche, but there are people all over the world (even in our own nation) who can’t get food to even eat once a day. this restaurant cares more about “their trademark” than people.

i will not be going here again. and i will do my best to keep others from going too.


  1. Whoa! And it’s not like Cheesecake Factory where you can actually take home your leftovers and eat. Who takes their leftover pancake? Not good heated up. Grrrr…I’ve always thought restaurants should charge a bit less and give smaller portions. Or maybe just give smaller portions. That might help our obesity epidemic as well. Sad thing is, I’m such an oinker these days I might possibly finish a meal there.

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