break from blogging

i am going to free myself from blogging for the next 7 days. as a fasting over my new ministry, as well as to reflect on a few things i am learning/battling through my latest lifegroup study. although this book goes against most of what i believe in terms of feminism and women in the church, it has stirred-up in me a lot of my past that i’ve been having to confront lately. anyway, i will post my thoughts on this study and other things after my “break” from this world of blogging.

as you wait, here’s a question. your answer can be as generic or personal as you’d like, but i do hope you’ll answer either way because it might help direct my next post.

good or bad, what influence did your upbringing have on who are you today?
(this could be on several levels: faith, general beliefs, morals, you pick)

please continue to pray for the start-up of the before-mentioned new ministry.
promotion began sept. 16.

see you back here in a week, ok? love you all.


  1. Great question. My upbringing was not to healthy so to speak.My dad was an alcoholic, my parents divorced. I was alone most of the time. Church was something we did maybe 3 times a year. How it has influenced who I am today.Her we go. I am a stay home mom of four. We homeschool our kids, love God, and are very involved in church. Everyday I want my kids and my husband to know how much I love them, that they are special to me and to God.

  2. Have a good blog-break, Crystal. We’ll see you when you get back. We all need to take our trip to the mountain and leave everything else behind once in a while.

    Love your question, it’s probably a blog post all by itself. :-)

  3. both good and bad…..
    but my mentor taught me that perfect parents would leave no place in our lives for God.
    there are things about my parents that i want to mimic in my own life. their work habits – brilliance – intelligence…
    but there are other things that i want to differently.
    either way, i think they taught me alot. a lot about what i wanted to be and what i didn’t want to be.
    blessings on your break!

  4. My parents are amazing people and I had pretty much a great upbringing. As great as it could be without God! Didn’t grow up in the church but my parents are, you know, good moral people. I feel like their openness and openmindedness prepared me for hearing about Jesus and becoming a Christian. They have also been amazing examples of a solid marriage. It boggles my mind that they don’t know Christ. And breaks my heart. I have very similar “morals” to the ones I was taught growing up, but now there’s a foundation and a reason for those morals. Christ.

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