Meet Unakho

yesterday was global impact sunday at the lenexa campus, westside family church. our missions pastor, Schaun Colin did such an amazing job. Schaun was born and raised in white South Africa during the era of Apartheid. in 1995 he was saved and God transformed him. Schaun formed Oceans of Mercy in 2003 and has been our missions pastor since January 2006. he has such a passion for missions and with each word of his message, that came through completely.

You shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon You;
and You shall be my witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria,
and even to the remotest part of the Earth
,” Acts 1:8.

this is the mission strategy God has given our church. we extend the borders, by crossing cultural and socio-economic lines to reach those who have not been reached, the untouched people, here in Kansas City and all the way across the world, with the good news about Jesus.

global impact sunday is basically a missions-emphasis sunday to “see where we’ve come and where we’re going” in our missions vision. one the coolest things was that we flew representatives from each of our partnering nations (Mexico, India, Thailand & South Africa) over to America for the service. one of my girls from our South African partner Oceans of Mercy is here for the next 2 weeks.

she’s been at Oceans since its opening in 2003. in 2006 she was saved and then baptized. some would call her an “AIDS Orphan” but i call her Unakho.


a piece of South Africa – here in Kansas City. God is good.

ps. i am currently writing my support letters for another 10-day trip to South Africa in March 2008. this trip will be partially exploratory for my long-term mission. if you’d like one of these prayer/financial support letters, please fill out the form below. if you already have filled out this form, it’s the same so don’t worry about filling it out again.





  1. Hi Crystal,
    I read’a Kristi’s blog and have fallen in love with all the little faces at O of M village. I have tried to help out there and would love to help you as well. I know I don’t even know you, but for some reason God puts a bug in me on certain subjects and I get wacky passionate about them. I call it a good OCD. I will fill out your form. Thanks so much for this post. I have talked to Becky Colin on the phone, but really know nothing about Schaun and you’all. It is good to see the results of the love of giving through Unakho.

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