but i can be a happy skeleton

so my oldest nephew, Jakob (6), wanted to be a skeleton for halloween. my sister-in-law said, “no that’s too scary”. to this he replied, “but i can be a happy skeleton”. and so a happy skeleton he was:


my other litte guy, Jackson (19mo), was apparently a backyardigan. but besides being so ridiculously cute, the whole backyardigan thing is lost on me cause i have no idea what that is:


what was the best costume you saw last night?


  1. That’s gotta be the happiest looking skeleton I’ve ever seen.

    Umm…I saw an evil clown last night that kept me awake well into the night. It was very disturbing, to say the least.

  2. Your nephews are ADORABLE!!! And don’t worry about the backyardigans, they are just annoying cartoon characters from Nickelodeon.. And I saw no costumes last night, my professor thought it would be fun to give us a test this morning. So I was locked in my apartment all night, studying….

    P.S. I’ll be home two weeks from tomorrow!!

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