because you asked…

i am basically finished, but what do you think of the new layout so far? anything look funky or not right? i’m on a macbook pro using firefox. i don’t have much in the way of other computers to test out on so your input is greatly appreciated!

1. adria asks:
what does your favorite t-shirt say on it… and what color is it?
my favorite t-shirt is probably the shirt our creative department designed together. it says, “hub” – which is the name of our department. it is a soft cotton. real stretchy but still fitted, if that makes sense. it is brown with pink wording and white graphics.

2. Rick asks:
If you weren’t in ministry, what else would you be doing?
in all honesty, i have no clue. i hope it would entail either something creative like working in a design or marketing role or actually… perhaps even counseling.

3. clay asks:
have you learned or are you learning zulu/xhosa for the trip back to SA?
i have not actively pursued learning xhosa, but if i were to get the green light on a longterm mission, that would be one of the first things i’d try and get into.

4. steven.russell asks:
What satisfies your creative urges?
lately it has been things that stretch me as an artist … particularly things like tackling the overhaul of my blog’s design.

5. Rich Kirkpatrick asks:
What in a worship service really most helps you connect to God?
seeing people i love in deep, authentic worship and realizing that we’ll be together forever

6. anne jackson asks (3 questions):
who is the girl in your header?
the girl in my (previous) header is the amazing girl i sponsor through One Life CSP. her name is PhaPhama (pa-pa-ma) and is 5 years old. lives at Oceans of Mercy.

what’s your favorite memory of us?
there are so so so so so so so many, but some of my favorite memories involve being in dallas and some sort of bodily mutilation. but if i reach back in the vault… accompanying you to the hospital, visiting brandon after you were released with no invasive surgery needed and taking the taxi back home. i also love our einstein brothers early-morning breakfasts. i’m curious to know yours. and don’t say nubbin. :)

do you still have that dumb bean bag for your ipod? :)
not dumb, but yes, it was gift. never intended to be used for my ipod, i use it on my desk for my cell phone every day.

7. mandy asks:
why you doin’ this post?
just curious what people might be interested about enough to ask.

8. Brooke Says:
What is your favorite way to pass the time? (tv, blogging, sleeping, reading etc..)
to totally escape reality, i love watching shows like grey’s anatomy and desperate housewives. otherwise, you can more than likely find me on the computer…. designing, reading blogs, writing… whatever

now that i’ve answered these…
does anyone else wanna chime in with a question? this was fun!


  1. like the new layout… gotta get used to some of the changes.

    and, dang it, now i’m thinking about this “you ask & i’ll answer” concept.

    i think i might like it….

  2. i LOVE the new design. i might make the gray comment box lighter but other than that…my favorite design so far! nice job girl!

  3. i love love love the new layout.

    questions. what made you want to design? and when did you decide this was what you wanted to do with your life?

  4. Question: I’m not aloud to jump off the bridge in South Africa. Even if I was I would be too scared. Are you going to jump? And are you scared?

  5. I love the new design!! You’re very talented. And what a great verse to have at the top! :-)

  6. I love your answer to my question–it reinforces what I hope is true in that being authentic with other people really is a part of experiencing great worship.

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