who were you in high school?

why am i posting about high school? well i had a “woah moment” when someone brought to my attention today that i am now 5 years removed from my high school days. i know 5 isn’t that many, but … how did that happen?

in high school, i was every definition of a “hot mess”. urban dictionary defines it as: “Someone that is such a mess… the level of it, is off of the charts.” if the term “hot mess” had been around when i was in high school, it would have been my nickname. i had this ungodly long, curly brown hair with zero shape. i had zero sense of fashion, wearing clothes that were too big for me.

looks aside, i was not what you would call popular. not in the least. not cool. not sociable. lousy student. i was the drama girl. the music girl. the art girl. the photographer girl. the journalism girl. i kept to myself. the only time i talked to “popular people” was to get quotes and stats for the yearbook. i was (in public) an unbelievably committed and annoying Christian… (don’t forget – behind closed doors i was a totally different person). a person unable to give or show love. suicidal.

frankly, i just didn’t care enough about myself or anyone else, to try very hard.

since high school and somewhere along the way, that all changed. i embraced this awkward, artsy girl inside of me. i cut my hair. actually bought a hair dryer & straightener. dyed it. began using hair product. tattoos. nose rings. graphic design became “my thing”. writing. web geek. actually found a love affair with Christ. genuine friendships. became open about my troubled past. and came into my own… which thankfully is not conforming to anyone’s idea but my own. oh and i like pictures of myself a whole lot better in black & white.

this post became more than what i thought it would. really, i just wanted to ask the fun question, “who were you in high school?” the geek, the jock, the teacher’s pet, etc. but i guess there’s more to it now.

who WERE you then? who ARE you now? same, different, better, worse? what the heck happened?

Guess who this is in the pic with me… :)


If you need help figuring out who you were…
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  1. Here’s a pic of me from high school –

    I was a nerd. In the AP classes. I was also in choir and just wanted to fit in. I moved towards the end of my sophomore year of high school and everyone already had their friends and cliques and I never felt like I really fit in. I wouldn’t want to repeat high school again, you couldn’t pay me enough to do that.

  2. That’s Flowerdust.


    And in high school, I was one of those people who just stayed under the radar. Had “cool” friends and “nerdy” friends and “preppy” friends and “goth” friends.

  3. I’m, uh, a few more years removed from high school than you. That said, I was decent in a few sports, but really excelled at music. I didn’t really fit into any one clique, but I got along with everybody reasonably well.

    What the heck happened? I was raised in a reasonably stable environment, so my two divorces have kinda thrown me for a loop. Professionally I’ve done pretty well, but I think I could have done more with my music than what I have. My personal life was definitely off track for a long time, but things are clicking pretty well now.

  4. I am 19 years removed from high school. Dear Lord.

    I was an athlete while in high school and had a million friends.

    While I never went off the deep end, I did make choices I’m not proud of. I’d say I’m much better off today.

  5. I’ll let you know next week. :]

    but i’m the academic (mostly) bookie photographer master of excel who talks to most everyone and despises math-physics included.

  6. High school. So glad that was over. Never fit in. Ate many lunches by myself.

    So yeah. I have changed and definitely for the better.

  7. I took the quiz and it said I was an “All American Kid”, which is pretty much right. Back in high school I was timid about embracing some of my interests in front of others but now I feel a whole lot more free to be myself and bask in my creativity.

    I’m not focused on impressing the “popular” people of life, now I rather spend my time connecting with interesting people who are similar to me and don’t care about fitting into any label.

    The one thing that hasn’t changed is that I still love Jesus! And that grows more with each new year.

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