1. I know we aren’t supposed to covet our neighbors things…but holy cow…I want that velvet Elvis. It’s beautiful.

  2. I am not going to lie….i am super jealous of that.

    My husband has a velvet Jesus…we hang it in our corner where we keep our religion…haha

  3. Very nice. By the way..when are those videos going to be posted? I’m trying to patiently wait…

  4. Hilarious.

    I’m trying to think through what I have that I love that I know is actually tacky….but my mind is drawing a blank. I’ll bet if I asked someone else, they could tell me:)

  5. By any chance was that a gift from the lovely Kristi Fair? cause that is incredible.

    tacky things.. hmm.. I have this terribly done tie dye shirt that says friends forever on it-but i will never part with it. My friends and I from michigan made it before we parted.

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