This Weekend

my sincerest apologizes, readers…. but i got nothing insightful to say at the moment. been racking my brain for something witty and a little magical to throw your way but nothing has come.

as i’m writing this, it is friday night and i am sitting in bed — in the dark — at a Bed & Breakfast in Independence, Missouri — roughly 45 minutes away from where i live in kansas. i’m here with my mom for some time away together before i leave for Africa. she’s already asleep (as of 2.5 hours ago) and i’m of course wide awake.

i’m saving this post and saving often, as the “free wireless internet” is quite temperamental. i honestly can’t move 2 inches in any direction from where i am right now without it fading out.

saturday will be filled with touring historic homes, farmer’s market, truman presidential library/museum and who knows what else. i would much rather sleep in late, begin packing for africa and get some work done, but alas… it is a slowed down, wandering around a historic town of missouri kind of weekend for me.

wander with me.

what are you up to on this first weekend of September?


  1. Enjoy that time with your Mom. My Mom and I are two states away from each other, and I would love a mommy/daughter get away. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lory

    I got up early. Went to Walmart. Then on to a Sunday School training conference. Took a nap. Now I’m four hours behind my type A++ to do list of homework and planning.

    I hope you enjoyed this relaxed day with your mom.

  3. Les

    I’m facing down 35 fourth graders, my latest batch. They are a bunch of sweethearts, but very very low academically, so it’s going to be a tough year. I can’t believe the summer’s over…

  4. Leah

    You could have written about my birthday last night. LOL!! I do hope you found some joy in hanging with your mom. My mom has cancer and looking back at all the times we have spent together seem so much more precious.

  5. evalana is now 5 weeks old, and i’ve been spending plenty of time sitting and feeding her. it’s kind of sad to think that if she didn’t require all of this time from me, i might be cleaning or doing something boring rather than appreciating this precious time i have to cuddle with this baby.

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