Monday Weigh-in #3

Okay, so this last week was a bit of challenge when it came to sticking to my Weight Watchers plan. I spent 3 days at a Catalyst. And we all know that when you attend a conference, you’re forced to eat out. Not only that, I was in Atlanta which is basically (if you’ve been there, you know) a hotbed for Waffle Houses. The crazy group I was with thought it was a good idea to eat there.

Waffle House? Are you kidding me? What on earth could I eat at Waffle House that is even remotely within a good point perimeter? I ended up with a grilled chicken biscuit. Not great, but not as bad I could have done. I stole a lot of bananas from our hotel to eat as mid-morning snacks and brought my own oatmeal and protein bars. All of which helped me stay full and eating well.

At the beginning of the week my 2-in-1 Elliptical/Stationary Bike arrived in the mail. After an hour and half of assembly (I need no man, thank you very much)… I was set. Last night I biked for 5.5 miles. My bum hurts today… which I think is actually a good thing.

Here’s my week’s numbers:

*Weight(lbs): 221
*Pounds Lost: 2.7
*Inches Lost: 1.75

*Weight(lbs): 223.7
*Pounds Lost: 2.2
*Inches Lost: 3

*Pounds Lost: 4.9 (Heck, that’s 5)
*Inches Lost: 4.75

The new EXPOSED blog is up and running. I created EXPOSED to post the happenings of my weight loss regime (for those who care) as a way to not overtake my actual blog with all this stuff.

But now, it is my desire for the EXPOSED blog to become a community of encouragement and honest accountability for all those seeking health. You can submit success stories, encouragement, recipes, helpful articles, prayer requests and even seek advice from others by submitting questions.

Check it. Link it. Subscribe it. Blog it.


  1. Silent J

    What The! Okay I was with you at Catalyst and just so you know I gained 4.5lbs last week. So here is what I think. I think that it should count as like 7lbs lost. You get me, the weight that should have been gained plus what was lost. Thats how I roll! Silent J

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