Scandalous Blessing

At Westside, we’re currently in a series entitled, “Scandalous Grace.”

The big idea behind this series is to show that there is a scandalous edge to the grace that Jesus offers us. We’re looking at several instances from the gospel of John where Jesus offers grace to people that no one else would even consider. Throughout this series, we’re posting daily challenges from staff and church leaders for our church to practice scandalous grace.

I was asked to give today’s challenge and would like to share it with you.

This week’s topic: Scandalous Blessing… John 6 and Jesus feeding the 5,000: Christ taking one young boy’s single act of blessing and multiplying it to inconceivable measures.

Scandalous Grace Episode 8 from Westside Family Church on Vimeo.


  1. i need this kind of inspiration in my life. thanks!

    i think this is comment number 3 for the day… i guess that means good blog!

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