The following is a poem I wrote in April of this year. I found it in one of my journals that I was reading back through last night.

When I read it, the circumstances behind its words came flooding back to me. I don’t know if you can relate to what its saying, or what you might be reading these words to mean.

What I do know is, God’s writing its reprise in my life as He continues to heal in me what’s been broken. And for that, I am thankful for the experiences that wrote these words to begin with.

I may have shared this before, but here it is again anyway.


the memories overwhelming
my heart simply can’t take.

there’s a tightness in my throat
tears welling, my eyes they coat.

thinking of all we used to share.
my heart simply can’t bear.

the distance between us is a mistake.
but is nothing compared to what is at stake.

the thought that it could all be in vain
my heart simply can’t sustain.

things don’t seem right with you gone.
but there’s no sense in going on & on.

you’ve spoke your piece but
my heart simply can’t release.

Lord make the memories fade.
i can’t see why they were even made.

You surely have a plan for all of this
that my heart simply can’t afford to miss.

“Heart Condition”
Crystal Renaud


  1. Jennifer

    wow crystal. thanks for putting into words what i am dealing with and feeling right now. thanks for your openness.

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