I will be spending this year’s Halloween in Auburn, Alabama visiting my friend Jennifer. I have no plans to dress up or do anything Halloweeny. Having grown-up not really celebrating Halloween (my mom was waaaaaay off the deep-end in her dislike of the “devil’s holiday”), the whole thing is kinda wasted on me. While I don’t look at it as the “devil’s holiday,” I’ve never grown used to dressing up, going to costume parties or even passing out candy. Even at almost 24 years old, it all feels foreign.

Besides, candy is a no-no for me nowadays anyway.

What are your plans and/or Halloween traditions?


  1. My kids are trick or treating to the 5 or so neighbors we know. They are going to be Scarlet O’hara, Dorothy Gayle & Minnie Mouse. Hubs is Popeye & I’m Olive Oyl.

    I’m just gonna hand out candy until it’s gone. Our neighborhood is big & people actually bus their kids in because we are one of the only hoods w/ sidewalks.

  2. Lory

    I will be driving the church van for the youth to do a “reverse trick or treat” at the nursing home and a retirement community near our church. The best part: the youth came up with it on their own and asked, “Will you guys help us do this?” –I love my youthens!

  3. Lemmings


    Auburn is my old stomping ground (still have family there). Have a great time celebrating the “devil’s holiday” in the Loveliest Village on the Plains!

    We cut out the jack-o-lantern last night and are prepared to give back or eat most the candy my 3 year old can carry down the street!

  4. Ashley Rankin

    We are changing our tradition a bit this year. We usally go to my husbands Parents and Grandmas and then trick-or-treat in our neighborhood, but this year we are going to Springfield (my Parent’s) and letting Jacks trick-or-treat in Nana and Papa’s neighborhood.

  5. HW

    I grew up not celebrating Halloween also, and even as an adult I feel some guilt.

    As a parent of 4, we do celebrate in moderation. We’ll be going to a get together at a local church that allows the kids to dress in costumes, play games, and get lots of candy. Last year the place we went didn’t allow costumes, and while it was still fun, the kids missed dressing up like Buzz Lightyear and Princesses. :)

  6. i’m trying to convince Amanda to be Sarah Palin so i can be McCain.
    most of my friends will want to hurt me, but hopefully it will be funny.

  7. amy

    I don’t really get into halloween either. I enjoy seeing what my nieces dress up as but I’m not really into the whole holiday.

  8. This Halloween Jessi and I are going trick of treating for books. We are going door to door with all the kids but we are asking if people have any books they would like to donate to Gulu Senior Secondary School in Uganda. We’re cool like that.

  9. I love Hallowen! Seriously it is better than Christmas (I know I’m a Christian) but it’s true. Anyways, my best friend is a GA at Auburn – you should go hunter her down.

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