We’re Praying Backwards Tonight

This entire election has been drama. In whichever way this election goes, it will be historical. And in whichever way this election goes, the leader put in place will need our prayers more than probably anyone else in our country. And that’s OUR job as Christian Americans. But there’s a problem: the division among Christians is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

And that’s just not right.

So, here’s what we’re going to do… we are going to turn off the news, turn off the satire, open our Bibles, and do our job: pray for our leaders.

1. Pray that our leaders would grown in Faith and in their relationships with Jesus Christ.
2. Pray for their marriages.
3. Pray for their children.
4. Pray for those around them.
5. Pray for their emotional and physical health.
6. Those on the left pray blessing on John McCain. Those on the right pray for Barack Obama.

Good idea, huh? JOIN US tonight at 9:30pm (EST) at Ragamuffin Soul.


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