Monday Weigh-in #7

I ate everything I could get my hands on this week, but I still remained active. Thus the reason I didn’t gain 10 pounds back. But I believe I got all the cheating out of my system and this is a new week!!

“The greatest accomplishment is not in never failing but rising again after you fall.” -Vince Lombardi

In today’s meeting we were asked to write down the days (between now and New Year’s) that will pose the greatest challenges to us keeping on the program. This is an excellent evaluation because it will force us to be proactive in preparation for them.

These are the days I wrote down. For accountability sake, ask me how I am doing!

November: 19 (my birthday), 27, 28, 29, 30 (week of Thanksgiving).
December: 12 (staff party) and the 20th-28th (Vacation and holidays).

Also, I got to celebrate my official 10 pound loss with my Weight Watchers meeting group since I was gone last week. It was great and when they asked me, “what do you attribute your success to?” I instantly said, “my friend Kathi–” and that’s as far as I got since I started to cry. I am so thankful for her accountability and her getting my butt through the door!!

Other weekly weigh-iners: Carmen Whittaker
(if you weigh in weekly and want me to say so… let me know).

Here’s my week’s numbers…

*Weight(lbs): 215.3
*Pounds Lost: .2
*Inches Lost: .75

*Weight(lbs): 215.5
*Pounds Lost: 1.7
*Inches Lost: 2

(since Sept. 29, 2008)

*Pounds Lost: 10.6
*Inches Lost: 10.25


  1. Traci

    Crystal – I am so proud of you…not just for your commitment but for posting it here and being accountable! You go girl! I’ll keep a watch on your progress and pray for you!

  2. tam

    ok. you are REALLY kickin butt here, crystal!

    those losses are fantastic!

    im so dang proud of you.

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