Are you ready for a miracle?

So, this will likely be my last political post until our next presidential election but I did want to leave you with one message.

Barack Hussien Obama will take the oath of office tomorrow (or today, depending on when you’re reading this) and will be our president for at least the next four years. And I just have a little advice for all Americans waiting anxiously for the “change” that’s coming.

Please don’t look to Obama as some sort of Savior. Take responsibility for yourselves. He can’t and won’t rescue you from piling credit card debt. Or when your insurance company won’t cover your unexpected surgery. Or when you’re laid off from your job due to downsizing.

In fact, if he is breathing and still human, then he will let you down. Don’t forget that there was once a time when President George Bush had a 97% approval rating. But how quickly America was to turn and throw him under the bus the moment things got hard.

Will you do the same to Obama?

Gas prices will rise. Someone won’t get their hurricane relief fast enough. Too much money will be given to a cause you don’t believe in. Not enough money will be given to a cause you do believe in. One of his advisers will have an affair. The promise of “change” just didn’t turn out the way you thought it would. His vice-president might even shoot someone while on a hunting trip.

You’ll definitely have the choice at some point during this presidency to either support him despite his short-comings or burn him at the stake for the mistakes you feel he made. There’s no doubt, hard times will come.

While we weren’t in control of anything he did, I think as a Christian community, we failed President Bush. I think we took advantage of the fact that we (if you did) voted in a Christian. A praying man, a man of faith. We thought we had it in the bag. But he still needed our prayerful support. I don’t know about you, but I know I didn’t pray for him as I should have. In fact, I can’t remember ever praying for him specifically–but only when times were tough for myself, my church or my parents.

I didn’t pray for the decisions he made. I didn’t pray for the people in his cabinet. I didn’t pray for his relationship with Christ. I didn’t pray for his marriage. I didn’t pray for his family. I didn’t pray for how he used his influence.

That is my challenge and advice for all of you. Don’t expect some miracle for America to come from Barack Obama. God can do anything through any man. He even spoke through donkeys. And for some reason, God’s allowing Obama to be president.

So, pray for him and pray for our nation. After all, if we as Christians don’t pray… who will?


  1. Ben

    Wow. Awesome. Thanks for that. I think you make some fantastic points…convicting points that needed to be said. Praying right now for O to make the right decisions over the coming years.

  2. Great and thought provoking post Crystal. I was just listening to someone talking about how great of a leader he will be and how he is going to not only bring the nation but the world together…that is a lot of pressure on one man. And he is just that, a man.

    I love GWB and personally I am so glad he can finally move on. I hope and pray he can finally have some peace. I did not pray enough for him and I should have. He needed our support the most and we let him down.

    I will be praying for Obama tomorrow and every day. As I should have done for Bush.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Lauren

    I love this!!!! I am tired of hearing people bashing Bush. I have been let down by many Christians (even some in my own family) that have decided to voice their opnions. I know that I didn’t pray enough and I thank you for the challange. I hope that many people are able to read this and can grow. That they can grow in their prayer time, to see how big God is, and that they see how awesome prayer is. Thanks for always saying what you think shoudl be said. I enjoy reading!!! God Bless!

  4. Great post. I am not into politics much, but that is a whole other blog post. However, I do see this symptom seeping in where everyone is putting so much emphasis on the “change” this one man can bring about. However, Obama or any other president, is not an extension of the Church and is not under the headship of Christ. If there is going to be any real change, it always begins with Christ work through us as one body. Not the political arena we find ourselves in.

  5. Cara Erickson-Park

    Thank you for your post. I would enjoy hearing more behind why you won’t make another political post until the next election. This is my first visit to your blog; I very much enjoyed what I read. I do pray that you will continue to post “political” comments during this term. If not you, then who? If not now, then when? Not only should we be praying for all of the things you mentioned (for whatever reason, I was praying for Pres Bush and the list of things, but could have prayed more), but we who have good things to say should not be silent, especially during times of purported or desired “great change”. Keep up the good work. I leave on this final statement/question/thought reflecting on today: I am torn. Yes, it’s an historical moment. But aren’t we antithetical to MLK’s dream by judging someone based on their skin color?
    Grateful for you, my sister!

  6. Crystal Renaud

    @Cara — thanks for your comment. I have had the same “torn” feeling about this and its historical significance. seeing all of these black men and women on the news talking about MLK’s dream being fulfilled, etc. i feel is still judging by the color of someone’s skin — which is exactly what MLK wanted NOT to happen. so, no — i don’t think this was MLK’s dream. but it is another start to it. and… i may keep posting about political things. :)

  7. Hey there,
    I stumbled on your blog somehow (ragamuffin soul maybe?) and have really enjoyed reading what you have to say. I also attend Westside. Loved this post in particular!

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