My First Neti Pot

This video is self-explanatory, but I will preface by saying that I must be nuts to actually post it. Be sure to thank Jenni, David and Sarah for their encouragement of my embarrassment.

I had no idea that by pouring something into one nostril, it could then come out the other nostril. This was both new and interesting information for me. And if it could also cure my sinus infection, safely and naturally, I was sold.

There’s no way anyone is going to take me seriously now.


  1. Um…your hair is adorable…that’s the most important thing.

    Campbell thinks it’s weird. I think you’ll love it after awhile. I struggle w/ sinus issues when I’m in OR. I know it’ll help!

  2. You are brave….I could not have done that! I have a friend that does it several times a week and says it works but I just cannot bring myself to do it!

    You must let it know if it helps you feel better :)

  3. Certainly a worthy addition to the canon of NetiPot videos out there Crystal.

    I’m tempted to try one of these now…for fun.

    I know, I’m weird. Like that’s news to you…

  4. i laughed most of the way through it. sorry. you are so brave. not sure if i could do it. pretty sure i would gag or get a bloody nose.

  5. bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!

    you DID it!!! i’m so proud of you! seriously though, you will really notice a difference.

    how do you feel?

  6. That was too funny! I didn’t know there was an actual tool for this though. I started “irrigating” my sinus when we lived in Colorado. It DOES work, but word to the wise – peroxide burns… :)

    I’m totaly getting a neti-pot! Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Debbie

    My girlfriend showed me her “pot” when we were at a meeting in January and said 2-3 of co-workers (team of 10) also used them! I WAS a bit shocked because it seemed so “nasty”. However, I tried it and I think it has REALLY helped me. I wake up now with clear nostrils which is so much better and makes it worth it! Thanks Terri!

  8. so this has nothing to do with the neti pot (thought way to go in trying something new!), but I really like your shower curtain;-)

  9. Oh my, I am so glad you posted this, I have been wanting to try one for a while… and was scared! Next time I’m all stuffed up, I’m gonna do it! But I won’t record… you are a braver girl than I! I sure hope I can meet you when you come out- you totally rock!

  10. Back for further viewings (hey, you listen to that stoopid song of mine…ha!), but this time with sound as I was on the work PC first time.

    Definitely the best NetiPot vid out there. Now I want a split screen one with Jenni… :)

  11. tam

    so when you all were talking about this on twitter, i could NOT figure out what you were saying. now i get it.

    ive done something similar to this. only mine was more of a plunger thingy. but still the same idea. and it DOES feel so weird! but does offer some relief.

    and. i cant believe you posted this!

    you rock, as clayville would say, MY FACE OFF!!!

  12. Cindi

    Thanks so much for doing that! I have wanted to try this – I have a sinus infection right now and the antibiotics are making me sick. You gave me the courage – I’m going to CVS right after work.

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