Asian Cowboy: A Magnum Opus

It started with 25 things… it continued with Jenni, Jenni… but triumphs today with the latest from the genius and creative minds of David & Diane Goodwin.

The following is a song written and performed by David & Diane Goodwin ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!! called, “Asian Cowboy.” I could not be more impressed by this arrangement. It is so creative and exceeded every single expectation I had.

Plus this gift of song has helped to turn my sorrow into joy today. As you may have read on my Twitter last night, I lost a dear friend and volunteer to breast cancer on Tuesday. Her name was Dianna Brown… an absolutely incredible woman I will be posting about later this week.

Take a listen to the song below. And let me (and David & Diane) know what you think!!!!

– – – – – –



Picture a girl, with once pink hair
Making her way through life with vicarious fascination

She shuts the door, the freakin’ front door
Enters the world wide web where she can stalk Asians

And avoid strawberries

She’s riding gazelles, and watching Carrie Bradshaw
Though she’s seen them all before, it keeps her mind off

Diet Coke and bottled water…

Crying girls as the Backstreet Boys
Fall through the roof of the honky tonk bar
Wrapped in snuggies, meeting Leo
Lazy typing left Tinky Tiny

She shuts the door, the freaking front door
Enters the world wide web so she can stalk Asians

She rides gazelles, and watches Carrie
Sex and the City

Picture a girl, a pink haired girl
Making her way through life with
Elvis and cowboys
(Velvet Elvis, Asian Cowboy)


  1. Re the Tinky Winky Tiny thing…I was just including it without saying Tinky Winky, cos I said I wouldn’t.

    Hence, some lazy typing made Tinky (into) Tiny…

  2. Crystal Renaud

    @David/Jenni … I totally caught that. “Lazy typing left Tinky Tiny” = brilliant and better than just putting it out there word for word.

  3. OH MY GOSHHHHH…that is the most FREAKING AWESOME song EVER. ahhh thats why i wish i could write songs…cuz that was SOOOO AWESOME!! AHHH!!! OH MY GOSH. I LOVED THAT.

    That totally encapsulates you. is that a word?

    wow. i loved that. cant wait to see you this weekend!!

  4. Joe Webb

    That’s very cool, but it needs a little more cow bell! :-D

  5. @janaki… When Diane was doing her backing vocals, she totally thought of REM too.

  6. Just to clarify for Joe – there’s no cowbell in there. We went for the Eastern touch with a gamelan and various other instruments :-) Although we do have banjo. Yes, it was weird!

  7. Whoa! First time here Crystal! Great job D&D! One thing tho: stalk asians? WTH!!!

    Sorry for the loss of your friend..sayin a prayer..

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