Freaky Genetics

In working and thinking through the whole depression deal… I am reminded of how powerful genetics are. While the reason for my depression isn’t singularly genetic, it has been proven there’s a genetic disposition to depression and other mental health disorders. And this is true of my family. Both of my parents and many others in the history of my family have suffered from depression.

I am no stranger to the power of genetics though.

Take the picture below.

This is me with my 2 brothers. Same mom. Same dad. Do you notice something though? One of us is 6ft tall, blonde and blue-eyed and it ain’t me. My parents aren’t tall, blonde or blue-eyed. But somehow my brother Bill received every recessive gene a person in my family could get. He even has a different shaped nose and smile than the rest of us (oh and a washboard stomach).

Although we used to tell him he was adopted or was the milk man’s kid, he’s definitely & biologically a Renaud.

So, I am curious:

Whether looks, personality or something else, do you have any genetic anomalies in your family?


*Photo from Fall 2007. Left to Right: Bill, Me, Bradley. Side note: Thankfully I don’t look quite like this anymore. I need NEW pictures. :)


  1. I’d not seen a pic of Bill before I don’t think, and that is a serious ‘wow’ moment re the recessive genes. He looks Scandinavian through and through

    There’s some oddities in my family that are genetic, including some mental illness.

    But mainly one of the slowest metabolisms ever as a fun recessive gene. Woohoo…I got that one! But I’ve also learned what God wants me to do with it too.

    As for me and my sisters…apparently we are all very very very obviously siblings, with me and my younger sister getting mistaken for twins at various times in our lives…which just blows me away.

  2. Crystal Renaud

    i hear you on the slow metabolism thing. unfortunately for us, it is the dominate gene. *sigh*

  3. Tina

    I was born into a family that suffers from “Cankles”…you know that disorder where your calves and ankles are molded into one. No ankles….I have admired little ankles most of my adult life. Oh to sport a dainty little ankle bracelet and not fear a blood clot from blocked blood flow. Anyway, there are a few others but that one just stands out right now. Yeah, slow metabolism here too. Thanks Crystal, this just “brightens” my day! Sheesh! :)

  4. Actually, me and my four sibling all look really similar to the point where strangers will come up to me and ask if I am a “Latshaw” since I have “that face,” which never ceases to surprise me. However, one sibling does look different but that is because she is adopted and gorgeously Mayan Indian…;-)

    You and your brothers are so cute, btw!

  5. your post made me laugh…we have something called the “mitchell butt” in our family….some people have it and some don’t….those that have it are umm quite comfy sitting down…and those that don’t well…anyway :P

    It was neat to see a photo of you and your brothers :)

  6. I have every dominant gene that is recessive in my family… I am the only right hander in a family of lefties, my eyes are green in a field of brown…

  7. Tina W.

    I am 38 and have been going grey since I was 10 – well, I actually prefer “silver”! That is definitely from my mom’s side. My younger brother is 6’4″, I’m 5’10” and my older sister is 5’4″. My mom said that she ordered legs for my sister but they skipped her and went to me then my brother. At least my sister got something of a behind – we call it a bubble butt. I’m short-waisted with weird square hips and my hiney would be flat if I was skinnier. Sometimes people think I’m the oldest because of the hair and the height (which really used to chap my sis because she liked to be the boss growing up) but since she turned 40 in April I doubt she’d mind so much! I have Mom’s brown eyes, my sister has Dad’s hazel eyes and my brother has blue eyes. Depression runs in the family in different forms. I’ll have 24 hour long episodes where I can’t see anything but the “black cloud” as I call it but then I’ll completely snap out of it while my mom will be really low-spirited for weeks. I hear from God in such an amazing way during those times when I’m so down – He has so awesomely saved me every time! LOVE THE LOGO!!

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