Brief Update on Life…

I felt the need to update you on a few things. Will do my best to keep it brief though…


Getting used to the new anti-depressants. Side-effects are wearing off.
Begin counseling this week. Pretty excited about that. I love my counselor.
On May 27, I go back into my eye doctor for a series of Glaucoma tests. My last appointment showed early signs of the eye disease. If I were 84, it would be no big deal. But since I am 24… doc is concerned.

Dirty Girls (Book)

Nearly 250 individual surveys have been submitted since February 10, 2009.
Dozens of women have left confessions on the Dirty Girls website.
I have received countless emails and messages from women seeking prayer and help.
Been provided blog interview opportunities (see this & that) & even inquiries about speaking.
I truly believe God revealed to me something huge about my book last week. I’d been really struggling (and frustrated) with how I was going to incorporate all the elements I want to include… but I had a revelation. I am so pumped about it, too!

Upcoming Travel

I head to Portland, OR next week. I will be vacationing (resting) as well as speaking at Church! at Bethany. I am excited to meet a bunch of my west coast friends in real life.


I can honestly say I am loving what I am doing right now as resident nerd. Sweet spot.
The healthy boundaries are still in place (ie. not checking work email at home, etc.).

Ways to Pray

Our church body has been hit pretty hard by the financial crisis. Many are out of jobs.
Writing my message for my talk in Portland. I am still new to all of this.
We’re praying for complete restoration of my eyes before my next appointment.

That’s me in a nutshell. What’s up with you?

Don’t forget! You can always ask for prayer & pray for others on the new prayer request page.

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