1. Dee-El Dawe

    LOVELY! It’s wonderful! It’s just great. Do you like it?

  2. Diane

    Or do you want your funky glasses in there as well? The logo design is making me think they should be pointy 1960’s style ones! :-)

  3. Crystal Renaud

    Diane… one of the comps included glasses and might be one of the tweaks i suggest… you’re so good.

  4. Jason Clement

    LOVE THE PINK PART.. not sold on the font 100% but it’s AWESOME!!

  5. Yay for glasses :)

    And I agree on the font – it’s fun, but just not quite you…

  6. Crystal Renaud

    i agree on the font debate. luckily, just the head part will be used (primarily). the font can be ever-changing thing (based on mood. lol.)

  7. Melissa

    I just love this logo, Crystal! And that fact that BB did it is even more awesome! Love you, girl – your work is amazing and a calling by God.

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