Light in a Dark Place


When I was handed “Jesus Loves You this I Know” by Craig Gross and Jason Harper for review, I was so excited to dive into it. I have been a huge fan of these guys and for a such a long time and I knew they wouldn’t hold anything back. And I was right.

“Jesus Loves You this I Know” is a refreshingly simple book but with a hugely powerful message. The message of Jesus’ love is one that breathes, no matter who you are or what you’ve done, you are loved. With the greatest of all commandments in the Bible on their side, Gross and Harper bring this “love” to a world thirsty for acceptance… through their own stories and experiences with the least of these.

I recommend this book to the porn addict, the porn star, the accountant cheating on his wife, the woman with an eating disorder, the teenage girl cutting herself, the teenage guy struggling with homosexuality and to the megachurch pastor who is losing faith. Jesus loves you and the message of this book will bring some light to the dark place you’re in right now.

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