Us Too: The Future of Dirty Girls Ministries and the Women We Serve

15 years ago, it was estimated that at least 20% of Christian women struggle with pornography addiction—at the time—I was one of them. However, we can assume the issue has grown exponentially with the accessibility of the internet, the normalization of erotic novels and movies, and the intentional targeting of women by porn producers.

At Dirty Girls Ministries, we are now in our 9th year of ministry and yet we have no full-time paid staff, myself included. There are so many things we feel called to do and want to do as an organization but we are sorely limited by our financial resources.

To give you some context, we are contacted by women every single day from around the world who are struggling, looking for answers, looking for hope. They are finding us because we are the only organization of our kind.


We never turn women away from our online community, even if they can’t afford to pay the nominal membership fee. That is because we know hopeful recovery is only possible with faith-based resources like ours—rooted in the healing power of Jesus and is amplified by a community of believers serving as accountability and support to each other.

While we know it is an issue among Christian women, the amount of women who contact us who are active in ministry (pastor wives, missionaries, church staff, etc.) is staggering. They have no one to turn to because their churches are deafeningly silent on this issue and the shame and isolation is crippling them. We know churches right now are in some hot water of scandal, but we want to be a part of the healing because we believe in the church because Jesus is not done yet! But even with our online community, coaching services, prayer team, and more—because of our limited financial resources—we aren’t even making a dent in reaching the Church community as a whole—but that is our heart and our goal.

If we can get churches to be safe places for women to seek help, hope, and healing by making our unique resources available to them there, then we have done our job. But we cannot do it alone!

Our 2018 year to date online donations total of $3,853.08. We are praying to increase our online donation funding by about 900%. Yes, that sounds insane, but bare with me. Our average monthly donations for 2018 are $482 a month. And right now that means we can only do the bare minimum as an organization (providing an online community and online resources).

Funding our ministry at 900% increase to $4,820 a month could mean the following: 

• We would be able to advertise to churches around the country introducing our organization and offering our resources to them.

• We would be able to provide trainings to church and ministry leaders on how to help women in their communities.

• We would be able to put on conferences for women with testimonies, recovery tools, and most importantly: HOPE.

But what if we doubled it? Funding DGM at $10,000 a month would do all of the above, but would also mean: 

• We could take our message global. We have women from the UK, Australia, and more begging us to bring DGM to them.

• We would be able to provide CEU trainings for Christian counselors seeking to better understand their struggling female clients (this isn’t taught to them!) and work in tandem with them to help women truly heal.

• We would be able to fund a research project to update the statistics around the issue of female pornography addiction.

• We would be able to provide ALL OF OUR RESOURCES for FREE, including our online community, books, and even scholarships for coaching services.

• And we would finally be able to have a paid staff to make everything happen!!!

$10,000/mo. is a lot of money, yes, but it truly wouldn’t take very many of us to cause a revolution of generosity to bring healing to women, couples, families, and churches across the country and around the world. If could be done if: 

• 2,000 people gave $5/mo.
• Or 1000 people gave $10/mo. 
• Or 500 people gave $20/mo. 
• Or 250 people gave $40/mo. 
• Or 100 people gave $100/mo. 

We already have the tools and are continuing to develop more—particularly in the areas of trauma and relationships. With God’s grace, I’ve done the hard work for the last 11 years (since I led my first recovery group in 2007) and have laid the groundwork with personal sacrifice for the last 9 years (since DGM launched in 2009). I just need your help to take it all the way.

My program director Jennifer Miller and I have been waiting for the opportunity to do this work full-time, in a real, full-time capacity together for a good many years now. We’re ready. But we need your to help us get there. Let us do this together and ring in DGM’s 10th anniversary in June 2019 with a commitment that is $120,000 strong!

Please Pray. Please Give here or here. Please Share.

With hopeful blessings for a fruitful new season,

Crystal Renaud Day
Founder & Executive Director

Jenny Miller
Program Director

Gina Renaud
Executive Assistant

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