1. Here is what is funny about this post, I woke up thinking about this. Weird thing to wake up to, but it was on my mind. I went back to 1999 and it stoud pretty solid on its own.

    I am going with 10 with the freedom to slip and say 010.

  2. I’m with you on the Twenty-Ten thing myself. Seems the only reasonable way.

    Now, when I’m old and referring to something that happened ‘back in the good ol’ days’, who knows how I’ll say it. Maybe I’ll figure out a better way by then. ;)

  3. Kinda ironic that for a country known to abbreviate wherever possible, it rarely happens here with years.

    The whole decade we’ve been “two thousand and *insertdigithere* ” and I’m assuming Australia (and the UK) will continue like that with two thousand and ten.

    That’s certainly how it’s being referred to at the moment.

    Though twenty-ten might become popular if our abbreviation thing wins out

  4. I’m definitely going for “Twenty-Ten”…but the thing I’m really curious about is how they will refer to 2010 through 2020 in later years. The Nineties, Eighties, and Seventies all have names…what do you call 10-20? (or 0-10, for that matter?)

  5. I’ll probably just say twenty ten most of the time, but since I’m lazy sometimes, I may just say ten.

  6. I always ask how I would describe a car of that year. I would like a two thousand ten camaro… has a nice ring to it huh!

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