Project 365: January 11, 2010

My LifeGroup is one that meets online on Monday nights.

It began forming over a year ago through some connections I’ve met through the interwebs (even as far as Australia). It is definitely unconventional, but these people have grown to be some of my closest friends and have become as important in my life as a vital body part.

And with a year like 2009 was… with so much unknown and insecurity… I really needed them. And they were there very minute.


We took a mini-break for the holidays and decided to go through this Bible Reading Plan from YouVersion this next semester.

I don’t know about you—but my Bible reading has been neglected and I am really hungry to dig back in. I will let you know it goes.

Are you in a LifeGroup? What are you studying?

– – – – – –
Pictured from Left to Right: Me, Jenni, David, Diane, Rindy and Lynse.


        1. Crystal Renaud

          nice job with the “not nicey-nice” response. lol.

          captcha says: “pout comment” lol

  1. Jennifer

    Paul. and i miss you all very much. but i think for the time this was the best move for me. love you all.

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