The Real Me

Inspired by Anne’s video and this experiment from POTSC, here’s the real me:

(RSS & Facebookers, there’s a video here. Come check it out.)

The real me is missing half an eyebrow because of a waxing mishap several years ago.

The real me doesn’t like to smile with my teeth because they aren’t super white.

The real me has really dry skin, with acne on my chin and around my lower lip.

The real me has a persistent chin hair that I have to tweeze at least once a week.

The real me is developing crows feet and frown lines around my eyes and forehead.

The real me is about 75 pounds overweight and wears a size 16/18.

The real me rarely, if ever, looks as good in real life as I do in my profile pictures.

And that’s the point of the whole experiment.

The plasticness on social media is getting out of hand. Without getting too “Christina Aguilera” on you—we are all beautiful and don’t need to hide behind photoshopped and perfectly cropped photos. Your value is inside of you. The real you is beautiful.

Are you wearing a mask? Are you willing to take it off?
If so, let the real you shine in your profile pics for the next 7 days.

Leave links to the Real You in the comments below and/or use the hashtag #realme on twitter/facebook to join the movement.

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Oh, and if you missed it… my very real Neti Pot tutorial from a few months ago:


  1. YOU ARE SO BRAVE and BEAUTIFUL even w/o makeup!! I’m not that brave… we’ll see. :) I like this.

  2. Crystal, the real you is as awesome as ever! What a neat idea from POTSC…I’m happy to be taking part in this little experiment. It’s really had me thinking about some things.

    You can find the real me at and at, where I wrote down some of my thoughts on the matter.

    I appreciate you and your realness, friend!

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  4. Crystal, you are beautiful! FYI – you even look cute doing the neti pot tutorial. Wish I had seen that before I bought mine ;-).
    I honestly think the neti pot is the greatest invention ever!

  5. You look better and younger without the makeup.

    The real you shines regardless, though.

  6. LOVED IT!!!! Actually….I’ve seen you mostly without makeup. Great video….you are so cute!!

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