Agreeing with the Devil

My LifeGroup is currently reading, When Heaven Invades Earth by Bill Johnson. To be honest it is a challenging book even on some doctrinal levels for me. However, the other night I read this paragraph and it has been messing with me ever since. . .

. . . in a good way.

“Satan didn’t come into the Garden of Eden violently and take possession of the Adam and Eve. He wouldn’t! Why? He had no dominion there. Dominion empowers. And since man was given the keys of dominion over the planet, the devil would have to get his authority from them.

The suggestion to eat the forbidden fruit was simply the devil’s effort to get Adam and Eve to agree with him in opposition to God, thus empowering him. Through the agreement he is enabled to kill, steal and destroy.

It’s important that even today satan is empowered through man’s agreement.”

DANG . . .

It is a scary thought, but I have had to look back and see just how often I have empowered the devil. Simply by my believing his lies and then of course acting in agreement as well. Again going back to our need to take responsibility for the things we’ve done.

It is truly a convicting thought and fitting enough that I wanted to share this bit of truth with you as well.

How are some ways you’ve empowered the devil through agreement with him?

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