Project 365: January 20, 2010

I slowed down enough today to let my trusty old external hard-drive back up my computer. The reason for doing so is that I realized I haven’t backed-up since November.

And to give some idea of how dumb that is—since November: I have written two chapters from my book and an entire book proposal, designed a Dirty Girls Brochure and Dirty Girls business cards, compiled an entire expense sheet, downloaded A LOT of music and who knows what else.

I was just one computer glitch away from losing a lot of stuff and not to mention my sanity.

I have been too busy doing, doing, doing that I haven’t taken time to protect my computer from harm. Same thing can be said for how I live my life spiritually. I just keep going, going, going without making sure I am in the Word and prayed up with the full armor on.

Good reminder for me that there are also times when I just need to back-up my real life.



  1. Jesus and Satan were having a heated discussion when God decided that He would settle it with a computer competition. Jesus and Satan were given one hour to write a computer program that would be able to explain all of God’s thinking to mortal man.

    Fifty-eight minutes into the contest, the power to the room goes out. When the power comes back on, it’s past the one hour deadline.

    “Jesus wins!” God says.

    “How?” Satan demands. “He didn’t have time to finish his program any more than I had time to finish mine.”

    Jesus smiles and turns the monitor of his computer to show a program running perfectly.

    “What?” Satan screamed. “How?”

    “Easy,” God said. “Jesus saves.”

  2. I so need an external hard drive. My old desktop is 11 years old. I added memory cards about 5 years ago. Being unemployed has put a crimp in our budget. A major crimp. So much to save!

    Life is like that, too. Today in the 12 step group I attend frequently, the topic was the gift of recovery (sound like the founders had Christian roots, huh?). Much like the gift God sent, recovery is a gift that saves lives. Using the spiritual gifts that are so freely available SAVES lives.

    Thanks for the follow back on twitter. :)

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