Project 365: February 4, 2010

Next week on Valentine’s Day, we’re doing a throw-back to 3rd grade and exchanging Valentine’s among the staff. Including designing our own Valentine boxes. I mean, legitimately 3rd grade.

Here’s mine (fully equipped with a slide):

(click to enlarge)

Valentine’s Day may be my least favorite holiday—as a single person. But at least we’re trying to make it fun this year. And even better… now I don’t have to worry about my crush pretending he didn’t see my card, expressing my undying love and devotion.

Well, Lance LeMond—wherever you are—I’m totally over you.


Share your best/worst memory of Valentine’s Day.


  1. Lex

    I was just thinking about those yesterday. Ah, the anticipation as we used to craft those boxes … as though it changed what would end up in them. ;)

  2. I’m 28, and have never recieved a valentine of any sort. Oh – do digital flowers count?! (sad)

    However, my valentines day was spent in the Kids ministry at church, and helping to lead the church in worship on the sunday night. Loving on God on Valentines Day :)

    3 Questions I was asked in Kids (by the same little girl):
    1) do you have kids? (I get asked that every time I’m out there)
    2) what’s your favourite song? (oh if it was that simple!)
    3) do you want to play 21? (blackjack).

    I love our kids!

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