1. I put TOO MANY THINGS IN MY LIFE before my relationship with Jesus Christ.

    It’s pitiful, really.

  2. I would have to agree with Emily. I put my own comfort. So if a situation is awkward or weird I try to back out rather than push through.

  3. Wow I put so much ahead of my relationship with Jesus. Mostly I put myself. Geez, that is hard to say. It is hard to admit that I think I am more important. I think I need to work on that!

  4. Cool idea Crystal!

    I put the big three- sex, money, and power- before my relationship with Jesus.

    Ps… are boys allowed to comment here?!

    Jay Brock

  5. oh boy.

    way too many things before Him.

    way too many.

    inlcuding my marriage, children, myself, an adulterous relationship… name it.

    so many obvious answers for me.

    and He remains faithful.

    thanks for making me think about this one!

  6. Katie

    I put financial stability and comfort ahead of my relationship with Jesus.
    I’m learning daily though to trust Him for everything and He hasn’t failed me yet.

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