Crazy Month Ahead – Will You Pray?

Most of you know (but for those who don’t) I have been writing a book. It is my story told through the steps of pornography addiction recovery. It will also feature testimonies from several brave women who have walked a similar road.

It is now just 38 days before my manuscript is due to the publisher.

Wow . . . I don’t know how 6 months has become less than 6 weeks.

Beginning Sept. 10 I am taking a 3-week sabbatical (if it can technically be called a sabbatical since it is unpaid. sigh…) from my day job in order to finish this labor of love.

During this time off I will also be speaking at at women’s conference called Convergence in Detroit and Idea Camp: Sex in Las Vegas. Check those links out and maybe you can even join me there!

Have I simply gone mad thinking I could keep this kind of schedule so close to my book deadline? Perhaps. But either way, I covet your prayers during this time of focused writing and amazing opportunities to speak about freedom.

I am also incredibly excited about this next season for DGM and some of the new things coming up. Like our No Stones Book Club (if we get a few more ladies registered we’ll have enough for 2 groups! yay!) and the impending launch of a new online community (a generous benefactor has donated the set-up cost!! woohoo!!). Watch for additional launch details coming very, very soon!

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Thank you for your continued support!


  1. excited for you and Nicole – keep your tweets updated so we can know how to pray at the time you need prayer. If you have a prayer crew going – you can include my email on that.

    Would be honored to pray for you amazing women :)

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