Dirty Up Your Superbowl Sunday

February 6, 2011 is Superbowl Sunday.

But it is also National Porn Sunday.

Established by XXXChurch, National Porn Sunday will be a day when literally hundreds (perhaps thousands) of churches will gather in their respective locations but will share one united message—a message on the prevention of and hope from pornography addiction.

I’d love the opportunity to come speak at your church all about my own pornography addiction, the freedom that is available through recovery and how the Lord redeems even the most shameful parts of our past. And of course I will share how pornography addiction affects women, not just men.

If you would like to dedicate February 6, 2011 to the topic of pornography at your church and bring me out to speak, please submit a speaking request and I will be in touch soon!

– –

Even if your church can’t host me on February 6, 2011 — I’d be honored to speak on different Sunday about this issue. Anytime. I am available to speak to churches, women’s events, youth groups, college chapels and more. All you gotta do is ask.

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