Take Three Seconds to Vote on Our Shirt Design!

Voting is now closed. We will announce the winning design and the winner of the free t-shirt very soon!

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Yep, Dirty Girls Ministries is working with Our Shirts Don’t Suck to bring you our very first t-shirt! These will be in addition to a couple of other “merch” type items we will soon be offering.

Can you take 3 seconds to leave a comment and vote on which t-shirt you like best of the two designs below (click the images to enlarge them)? Please note the t-shirts will actually be v-neck. The shirt design that receives the most votes will be the one we will choose. Simple as that.

All voters will be automatically entered to win a FREE t-shirt.
But you aren’t eligible to win if you don’t vote.

In your comment, please specify A or B as your vote — as well as provide any of the additional helpful info:

  • Your gender and age (and if you’re willing—even your shirt size—so we know approx. what sizes to pre-order).
    • Keep in mind that they will run small so think larger in your size selection.
  • How much you would pay for a shirt like this? Obviously all proceeds will directly benefit the ministry.
  • Any additional commentary is optional (ie. if you’d prefer a shirt in a different color) but would come in handy.

Voting ends Friday, December 3.

Thank you for your time!


  1. Mike

    I vote for A! I also like the location of the website on A.

  2. Scott

    I vote for A. I’m a 25 y/o male. Size Medium ;-)

  3. amanda porche

    A, female age 37, size large, $25

  4. Brittany

    I like A! I think the color pictured is fabulous. I’m a 21 yr old female

  5. I really like both of them, but if I’m forced to chose, I think I’ll go with B.
    33/f/size XL, possibly 2X if they run really small/$16

  6. Jen

    39/f/4x and I like option A (but I would by B if that was chosen). $20

  7. Jennifer

    I like them both, but forced to choose, I’d go with A.
    I am female, XL and you know how old I am!

  8. AmyChristine

    I love them both…

    Though I’ll vote “A”..

    30/female, XL…. $15-$20

  9. Jessica

    Vote B, but agree both are great.

  10. Jen

    Female, 31, Choice B, 2X – 4X (depends on the style of shirt for me,) and I would spend $12 – $16

  11. Craig

    Great work Crystal. Love them both, and would suggest A. It really grabs your attenion and does what these shirts are intended to do – make others stop, take notice, and create an opportunity for dialogue. Oh, I’m an old guy, 42.

  12. Sharon

    Female, 55, Choice A, L
    $10 – I’m unemployed, too

    Both are good and should elicit questions from viewers but I think A will cause more discussion and interest

  13. Lisa Stack

    I like “A” I’m fortyish & femaile :) size XXL
    I would pay $10-$12 (but I am cheap!)

  14. Female
    small or medium (depends on how they run)

    I choose B. LOVE IT. I think it encompasses everything you shouldn’t be looking at, not just porn.

  15. Jasmin

    I like B and I am a size XL I am 32 yr old female.

  16. Yoline

    I love B!! 1. B will draw massive attention to your shirt and that’s perfect opportunity to share you’re testimony. 2 it will also bring attenntion to the site! Sooooo I pick B!!!!!

    I am 23 female and Large!!

  17. Amanda Gomez

    I vote for A. I love the old school lady on the shirt. Kind of makes me think this problem is bigger than people realize or want to admit. I would pay $15 for a shirt like this and my size would be and XL.

  18. Chip

    Crystal I vote for A I think it will be a great way to start a dialog. Male 3x

  19. Amy

    I vote for B. :)
    38 yr old female XL
    I would price them between $15-20.

  20. Wy

    I like them both! It’s so hard to pick! Ahh! Can’t you use A for the front and B for the back? If I have to pick, I vote for B. :)

    Female, 25 years old, size 2X. I would pay between $15 and $20 for an awesome shirt like that! Woo!

  21. A looks great. I would most definitely wear that out and about. girl 16 small

  22. Heike

    46, 4xl, 20 bucks, choice b. just because i prefer black over red. =)

  23. marianne

    I vote A! It’s more attention-grabbing. And I think I might feel uncomfortable with someone trying to read the small print on the front of my shirt especially when it says, “I have made a covenant with my eyes”! Some one else suggested that on the back, I’d go with that.

    Considering the profits go to a ministry, I’d be willing to pay $15 – $20.

    26yr old, female. Australian/UK size 10 which makes it I-don’t-know-what in American sizing. Maybe a medium?

  24. Amy

    Shirt B is amazing! :) I love it!

    Female, age 20, size M, and between $15 and $20. I’m very poor, though, and thus probably wouldn’t be able to buy one for some time. D8 I’d buy either design, though. They’re both wonderful!

  25. I’m up for A. You only get a second or two of ad-time with a shirt… In just one glance, I know what A is saying.
    Not so sure with B, even though the words repeat themselves over and over again.
    Just my two cents.

  26. Tamara

    Shirt B
    I love them both but B won out
    Female, 16yr. size L, and $15-$25

  27. Aimee

    Ok..I’m gonna spice it up a bit and suggest you try doing A with B on the back!!! I’d do it with 3 colors on black to avoid a price change. Think you could sell em for $20 EZ! :)

    35/F/XL – love you!

  28. I have to say A for a few reasons. I like B, but I haven’t just made a covenant with my eyes only. As a woman with an intimacy disorder, it is not only my eyes that I have made a covenant with, but my mind goes places more often than my eyes. Men would wear B. Women either. With a V neck, your design will likely drop lower. But I like the “break the silence” idea better.Gets people talking about what the silence is for anyway.
    My two to 25 cents anyway.
    I would gladly pay 25, 30 for the extended sizes, as I am a 3XL and age 34.

  29. Jennifer

    I’m 28, XL, and I vote A. I think a t-shirt could run 20, and maybe a hoodie 35-40.

  30. Stephanie

    I love both, too! So much so that I’d buy both if I had the option! And I like the idea of putting B on the back of A. However, if I had to choose ONE, I would go with A.


  31. heather

    Female, 23, Design A, Size Large, $20.
    An idea might be to think about getting these made in V-Necks for ladies.

  32. Anna B

    I choose A!! Love it!!
    21, Female, Medium

  33. Del

    I vote A. I’m female and 24 yrs old. I love the color of A already, but also would love it in a purple shade. I would need a large. I would pay $10-15 for a tshirt and more for a hoodie, and I love hoodies!

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