Resolutions Aren’t Magical

I remember when I was an addict that a new year always meant an opportunity for a fresh start. I’d get all excited and say to myself that I’d never look at porn again.

As if the clock striking midnight was going to magically wipe away the years of bondage I’d been trapped in.

The years of shame.
The years of living in secret.
The years of filling old wounds with junk that would never satisfy.

And yet I believed it. I believed that making a decision based on tradition was going to magically change me—only to wake up on New Year’s Day just as addicted as when I went to bed. And feeling about a thousand times more defeated.

But why? I had made that amazing resolution.

Newsflash: Resolutions Aren’t Magical

Addiction is a beast—one that doesn’t care that tomorrow is a holiday.

So here’s my advice to the addict (regardless of vice) who will choose to stop their behavior tomorrow.


The solution for you is not deciding that tomorrow is the day you’re going to stop.

Today is the day. And then it is one day at a time after that.

And you don’t have to do it alone—because you’re not.

– –

Some help to get you started . . .

DGM Accountability Groups—Online Support Groups from Dirty Girls Ministries

DGM on TheCity—Community for Women with Porn/Sexual Addiction from Dirty Girls Ministries

X3Pure—30 Day Online Workshop from XXXChurch

Covenant Eyes—Internet Filtering and Accountability

X3Watch—Internet Accountability from XXXChurch


  1. That is such a wise word. I always think at the beginning of a new year i am going to stop a bad habit or start a good one but it seems so daunting to undertake 365 days….but a daily decision, i can do that. Thanks for the reminder.

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