We Wanna Send You Free Stuff

Dirty Girls Ministries desires to serve as a resource for women to find hope and help from pornography addiction.

But not every woman who needs our help knows about our website and ministry.

And that’s where you come in.

Grassroots efforts through word of mouth is one of the most powerful and effective ways information can be distributed. You know people we don’t. You interact with people that under normal circumstances we likely never would. And it’s those face to face relationships that are the most crucial to sparking addiction recovery.

Whether you’re a pastor, a counselor, bible study leader, or like us—simply have a heart for the woman trapped in addiction—we want to send you copies of our new brochure.

If you would like us to send you copies of our brochure, please complete the form below and we will get them out to you asap. Thanks in advance for helping us reach the women in your lives.

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Please see our Speaking/Events page for more ways we can and want serve you locally.


  1. cate ramirez

    hi.. this is a great site.. btw im from philippines.. is it possible to get one??

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